There is so much excitement in the “before” and “after.” Buildings age, but many do not age gracefully. Buildings built in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, now feel dated, tired and sometimes, just plain ugly. At times, we have all thought, “what were they thinking?” when looking at some of the quirky and odd solutions from that time. Of course, there is no completely timeless design; it would be hubris to think that what we are designing today, the color palette and the technology, would last forever.

Engaging you, whether it’s a new house or renovation, is where the transformation begins. As we discuss how you live today and anticipate how your life will evolve in the coming years, we look for the essence of what is important to you, your values and aspirations; we strive to create an authentic “sense of place”, a warm and rich environment. These are the considerations that have “staying power.”

We are committed to a personal and modern approach to design and planning; while reflective of you, our designs are also responsive to the context of local customs, culture and environment. We possess the experience, ability, and commitment to provide hands-on attention to your project, from preliminary design, through construction; we are a full-service firm. We know that thorough service, specific to your needs, is essential for quality and on-budget construction.

To the uniformed, the “after” picture is often startling, having known the “before”; if we’ve done our job well, your new home is a reflection of what you’ve imagined, and more. Your spirit will delight in the design, and hopefully, the seemingly subtle details that make you smile and feel grounded and connected.