Each of us brings a treasure trove of information to a project: first, feelings and emotions, deep within our circuits that keep us grounded, and ideas – long-held over the years, or new.

These memories may be just a feeling of how the sun washed a room, the colors of your bedroom or the sensation of how your hand felt as it bounced along a particular brick wall as you walked by. Ideas start to formulate whenever we fantasize about what our home will look like, whether the fantasy begins in childhood or beyond. Each of these perspectives help to shape the house we create with you, imbuing your home with an authenticity that is not available in the developer-built house that you passed on to build your own.

Beyond your own personal memories, your house may have history as well. Its’ story is revealed in its architecture, its style, when it was built, and how it was modified through the years. Some clients come to us with the desire to expand their period home and to have a finished house that is respectful of its time and place; this has value too.

Our vision, joined with your memories and ideas, guides the process of the initial design and design development. We’ll instill “what could be,” in the context of honoring you and the context of it’s placement within the broader landscape.