“Sustainability”, “green building”, “carbon footprint” are words and phrases interwoven in the context of an evolving dialog, locally, nationally and globally. The aforementioned terms should not encapsulate a “trend” or leverage the “buzz” of our times; their meaning is much more significant if we are to truly pay attention and be responsible in deeds, as well as words, to this critical conversation.

One’s awareness and deeper understanding of their place in the world, and within a community, evolves over time. Relative to conception, design development and ultimate construction, the means and methods evolve as well. With each project, we endeavor to maintain the “sustainability” dialog from the onset, cognizant that most clients are receptive. It’s a dialog rich in opportunity to practice and impart the knowledge we have, and where lacking, to learn and stretch ourselves, collectively. Our commitment is to be responsible from the beginning and throughout the process, making headway within our sphere of influence, duly noting its impact in a larger context.