Metamorphosis Revealed - A True Example of Transformation

Referral on Wednesday, call from the prospective client on Thursday, meeting at the house with the real estate agent on Friday, house purchased on Tuesday and we were hired on Thursday! Our new client had one specific question - is it possible to transform this dog into a great house? With our emphatic "yes", our challenge was to flex our "design muscles" and prove to them what kind of great house could be created here. With virtual carte-blanche on the design, we removed the multiple peaked roofs of the former Alpine-style house to create a sophisticated mid-century modern home in the style of noted LA architect, Richard Neutra. The house was expanded to the rear with a two-story living room revealing the enormous south and west views, a new family room in the former 2-car garage, a curvy game room where the outdoor deck had been, a new master-suite on the 2nd floor that both captures the view, but also embraces the majestic live oak tree located just west of the house. Linking the floors is a modern 3-story staircase with floating wood treads and glass guardrails. Although snug up to the country lane on the front, the rear of the house has an expansive yard with equally expansive views. Decks on all three levels offer ample indoor-outdoor living spaces from intimate at the master bedroom sitting room to gracious at the comfortable patio at the yard level.