Mary and Gary came to us after working with two other architects, frustrated with designs that gave them but a mere expansion of their 1960’s ranch house. What we discovered in our conversations, was that they really wanted a new house, but were concerned that tearing down and starting from scratch would be out of their budget.

EA completely re-imagined the house in a modern design vocabulary, while retaining much of the existing plan. The living/dining room and den were expanded both up and out to the expansive yard, and in the master bedroom suite, we added a new bathroom and closet, and a private reading room for Mary’s escape on football Sundays. Mary loves the curved concrete room as she looks out onto her yard from her Saarinen Womb Chair! An Italian-designed kitchen, single-slab granite entry foyer, 15-foot folding door and an EA-designed Mondrian-esque, custom front door are some of the details that Mary enjoys, and the new 100-inch projector screen keeps Gary occupied and content.