Dismissing the Bad Old 60's!

The last renovation of this Los Altos house in 1964 converted the garage into the classic suburban family room, complete with fake brick wall, large fireplace and exposed ceiling beams. Steve and Jane were clamoring to tear it all out to transform this low-ceilinged, small-roomed tired ranch house into a modern contemporary home for their family. Planning restrictions limited the form changes that could be made on the front, but with no limitations on the back, the flat stucco wall with high windows was summarily dismissed!

Only the kitchen remained in the same location, as the house was expanded and reorganized to have five bedrooms, three baths, a large living/dining/kitchen area and that old den was returned to its original purpose as a garage. The exterior was re-sheathed in stained wood and clear-finish aluminum siding. The rear yard has become an additional entertainment and play area, with the complementary modern design by OuterSpace Landscape Architecture.