In our first meeting, Allison asked that her abandoned, half-renovated barn of a house, known throughout Pacific Heights as the “Pepto-Bismol” house due to its flamboyant hot pink paint, be completely rebuilt perfectly true to its Victorian roots. Exploring this idea further, Allison relented a little when we showed her images of real Victorian kitchens. She then requested that it be modern in function, Victorian in style!

Blessed with photos of the house from the 1920’s, EA was able to reconstruct the grand front staircase and entry porch that had been demolished decades before. A free-standing three-car garage that took up the entire rear yard was demolished, and a two-car garage was discreetly inserted on the Washington Street side of the house. The only thing left after a botched and unfinished earlier renovation was the hand carved three-story wooden stair rail and newel posts, which was lovingly restored and matched with wood stair treads.